Here is where everything comes together perfectly.  Audio, video and graphics go in, and awesome comes out.  Big Sky utilizes state of the art software and talented artists to finish your project to your exacting specifications… or we can do it with scissors.

Post Essentials

Editing:  Most productions take a bit more editing than may be apparent.  There is typically a lot of footage that doesn’t get used, and picking the best stuff takes time.  Allow enough time for revisions and approvals in this stage.  We find that most clients need at least two rounds of revisions and these should be planned for from the start.

Sound Mixing:  Only when the picture has been locked, and the client is happy with the edit, should the audio mixing be done.  You don’t want to waste time cleaning up things that will be cut.

Color Correction:  This step can make  a huge difference in how good a video looks.  Depending on the project, we like to allow a good, healthy chunk of time for this at the end.

Approvals:  The client will typically first see a ‘rough cut’ or sometimes even a ‘not-so rough cut’ and then have at least two rounds to make changes.  These should be built into the budget.  If the changes keep coming, the client should be prepared to be allocating additional budget towards that.

Delivery:  The delivery format and method is something that needs to be articulated at the very beginning of the project, as it almost certainly will have profound implications on the entire process.  If you are unsure or unclear, you should involve your production team to help find out.  It’s a very big deal and can kill a project if it’s wrong.