About Us

Experience.  Professionalism.  Talent.  Service.

Somewhere around 30 years ago, Chip Swetnam picked up a camera for the first time, and he hasn’t been without one since.  His passion for creative imagery is what drives the entire staff at Big Sky HD.  Over the years, Chip and his wife Anne have amassed a spectacular catalog of work including projects that have taken them to the other side of the world, and soaring into the heavens chasing jet fighters.  They’ve worked with countless celebrities, and recorded events and historical milestones.  And through that entire time, they’ve slowly amassed a team of handpicked professionals that share their dedication, flair and love of the unexpected solution.

Together, their crew has served a client list that includes local merchants and internationally-recognized brands, with skills that span everything from traditional set lighting to surround sound to advanced digital graphics.  All delivered with the enthusiastic collaboration and creative mojo that has made Big Sky HD an ever-expanding success.